About Me

Biography & Experience

Salvatore Allocca is a director, creative producer and screenplay writer from Rome.

After the bachelor’s degree in “Literature and Cinema”, He founded in 2006 the Movie and TV Production Company “Vega’s Project” in which He grew up working as head of projects’ development, as creative producer and director as well .

In 2011 in Italy it was released his first theatrical feature film as a director, “How to find in the right way the wrong man”, distributed by 20th Century FOX.

Amongst his early works as a director we remember: “L’incantatore di serpenti, la vita senza freno di Gian Carlo Fusco” (“The Snake Charmer: the unfettered life of Gian Carlo Fusco”), a docu-film on the controversial italian journalist Gian Carlo Fusco, presented in main competition at Milano International Film Festival in 2011; “Gunes”, short film patronized by Amnesty International and presented in main competition at “Festival Cinematográfico Internacional del Uruguay” in 2011 and winner as Best Short Film at Palena International Film Festival in 2012;  “Crackers”, short film winner of the “Cinema Avvenire” Award as Best Short Film at Rome Film Fest in 2006 and winner as Best Short Film at “Capri Art Film Festival” in 2008.

Salvatore Allocca has also directed, written, developed and produced commercials, music videos and documentaries, such as “Negli occhi” (Trough The Eyes), a movie on the life and career of the actor Vittorio Mezzogiorno, presented in competition at Mostra del Cinema di Venezia in 2009 and winner of the Italian Silver Ribbon Award in 2010 and of the Golden Globe as Best documentary of Cinematographic Nature; “11 Metri” (The penalty), documentary based on life and career of soccer player Agostino di Bartolomei, presented as special event at Rome Film Fest in 2011.

In 2017 it has been released his second theatrical feature film “Taranta on the road”, presented in main competition at BIF&EST Bari International Film Festival.

In 2018 He won as “Best Director” at 75 Venice Film Festival for his shortfilm “La Gita”.