Director, screenwriter, producer

Short-Film, color

35mm (1.85:1) – 14’ – Ita 2011

© M Services srl


As always, Osman – a street vendor of Turkish origins – goes to his favorite park in the centre of town to partake of his frugal lunch. While sitting at his usual bench he notices Luca, a child of six years, playing football with his friends. Osman appears to be fascinated by the little boy. He seems obsessed by the need to get to know the boy and to be able to hold him close. The friendship between the two seems odd and increasingly suspect …but things are not what they appear to be.


Director: Salvatore Allocca

Story and Screenplay: Salvatore Allocca, Giuseppe Crimi, Giorgio Fabbri

Main Cast: Claudio Caiolo , Miriam Candurro , Roberto Farnesi

D.o.p.: Timoty Aliprandi

Editing: Francesca Sofia Allegra

Production Designer: Valerio Barbet

Costume Designer: Flavia Figà-Talamanca

Original music score: Franco Eco

sound: Daniele Guarnera

Producer: Marco Quintili

Production Company: M Services s.r.l.


Main Festivals and Awards

  • 29 Uruguay International Film Festival (2012)
  • Palena Film Festival 2012 – Best Shortfilm