L'incantatore di serpenti, la vita senza freno di Gian Carlo Fusco

Director, Screenwriter, Editor, Producer



Docu-Fiction – Italy 2010 – HD

73’ – Color/BN – 16:9 (2:35:1) – Dolby Digital Surround

© 2010 Vega’s Project s.r.l

A tribute to the imagination. An irreverent portrait. The narrative of the life and career of Gian Carlo Fusco – one of the most interesting and unusal personalities of the twentieth century  in Italy. Journalist, novelist, script-writer for films, actor and protagonist of the national artistic scene spanning the 50’s and 60’s. Fusco has been totally “slighted” and given the cold shoulder, even forgotten and ignored by official critics although praised to the skies by all those who met him in the literary salons of Italy, hailing him as the greatest narrator of all times. He died prematurely in 1984.  A man divided in a personal “puzzle” that is really difficult to reconstruct – a man who lived a double life suspended between the worlds of literature and Cinema, that of night-lfe and the underworld, of fantasy and reality, scandal and poetry.

Director: Salvatore Allocca

Story line and script-writing: Salvatore Allocca and Giuseppe Crimi

Original musical score: Franco Eco

Sound Editing: Daniele Guarnera

Photography: Daniele Anzellotti

Editing: Salvatore Allocca

Scene Design: Nino Aprea

Costumes: Ginevra Polverelli

Produced by: Salvatore Allocca, Daniele Anzellotti

Production Company: Vega’s Project srl, with the economic support of MIBAC, in collaboration with RAI TRADE


Leo Mantovani (Gian Carlo Fusco)

Marco Bonini (Manlio Cancogni)

Paolo Gasparini (Rick Rolando)

Nela Lucic (Velours)

Luca Martella (Well dressed man)

Fabio Farronato (Man)

Thierno Thyam “Billo”  (Johnny)

Fabrizia Martano  (Lola)

Marco Guadagno (Palmiro Togliatti)

Christian Marazziti (Presenter)


Dario Biagi, Natalia Aspesi, Cecilia De Stefanis, Marina Fusco, Manlio Cancogni, Vittorio Emiliani, Adele Cambria,  Alfonso Madeo, Giovanna Gagliardo, Gianni Clerici, Tullio Kezich, Rosalina Neri, Tinto Brass, Cino Tortella, Mario Monicelli, Luigi Turolla, Giasnni Bisiach, Callisto Cosulich, Enrico Fiorini, Enrico Vaime, Tommaso de Lorenzis, Franco Cordelli, Pasquale Scimeca, Giulio Bendandi

Main Festivals and Awards

  • MIFF AWARDS 2012