LA GAMBA (The Leg)

Director, Screenwriter, Producer

Short Film, color  – WATCH THE MOVIE HERE !

Format  15′ –  1.85.1 – 2K (DCP) – ITA 2016 –

Genre Dramedy 

world sales Zen Movie 

© Vega’s Project srl , Marvin Film srl

Argenio is a retiree who lives a solitary life. Anastasia is a young and beautiful woman who lives by her wits. In a winter Rome, these two characters meet because of the strange Argenio’s mission – to find the owner of an artificial leg that has been forgotten in a public park. This will be the beginning of a journey that will lead the protagonists to a confrontation with their own memories and those of the others – Memory that is lost and is to be refound. Like that absurd leg for which they have to find a home.


Director Salvatore Allocca

Main Cast Ernesto Mahieux, Nina Senicar

Producers Allocca, Daniele Esposito, Giacobbe Gamberini

Ex. Producer Daniele Esposito

Story Massimo De Angelis

Screenplay Massimo De Angelis, Emiliano Corapi, Salvatore Allocca

Dop Federico Annicchiarico

Production Designer Michele Modafferi

Costume Designer Maya Gili

Editor Michela Iovane

Original Music Score Raffaele Inno

Production Company Marvin Film srl, Vega’s Project srl

with the economic support of  MIBACT – DGC, Nuovo Imaie and Lazio Region       


Main Festivals and Awards

  • Napoli Corto Cultural Classic 2017
  • Miff Awards 2017
  • Coffi Art Film Festival 2017
  • Figari Film Fest 2017
  • Fabriano International Fest 2017 – Best Actor
  • Lenola – Inventa un Film 2017 – Best Actress
  • 7° ed. Festival Internazione di cortometraggi “Cerano Film”
  • Breckenridge Film Festival 2017 – Audience Award
  • Ariano International Film Festival 2017
  • SediciCorto Int. Film Festival
  • MedFF 2017
  • San Benedetto Film Fest 2017
  • Corto e a Capo 2017
  • 68th Montecatini International Short Film Festival
  • Sulmona International Film Festival 2017
  • Souq Film Festival 2017
  • CortoDino – Int. Short Film Festival – Best Story
  • Palena Film Festival 2017 – Special Mention
  • AShorts International Film Festival 2018 – Best Actor, Best Actress
  • London-Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival 2018 – Special Mention